Balloon inflators and balloon sizing equipment. MagMover foil-flator foil balloon inflator, the Champ electric balloon inflator and the slide-n-size balloon sizer.



How to use the Slide-N-Size: Step 1


How to use the Slide-N-Size: Step 2


How to use the Slide-N-Size: Step 3


How to use the Slide-N-Size: Step 4


Item #29505

The portable (3 lb/1.4 kg) tool to size latex balloons at any increment from 1.5" to 36" (4 cm to 91 cm). The new metal ruler base can be folded for compact use (as in the top two pictures above), or extended for larger jobs (see bottom two photos). Pole extenders are included for use with jumbo balloons.

With a quick turn of a pole, the feet slide to create any size template. To use, inflate a balloon with air or helium, then let out gas until the balloon diameter matches the template.

Other uses for the Slide-N-Size:

  • Double-stuff balloons quickly on the upright sizing poles.
  • Set/confirm auto-sizer timing.
  • Use as calipers to measure replacement balloon size in arches and sculptures.

Download a PDF copy of the Slide-N-Size flyer (1.2 MB) to learn more. (Requires the free Adobe Reader to open.)