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Creating Foil Balloon Displays

A variety of balloon displays can be made with Clik-Clik products:


A photo of the Show-N-Sell system


A Show-N-Sell is a ringed pole holding a trio or two of adhesive supports. Each support positions an air-inflated 18" foil or 11" latex balloon for viewing, and the ring allows for easy suspension. Here's two photos of completed 3-Balloon Show-N-Sells suspended from Regular ClikMagnets:

Examples of how the Show-N-Sell (SNS) is usedExamples of how the Show-N-Sell can be used to display multiple balloons

The inexpensive Show-N-Sell is also available in a 6-Balloon (6-Clip) version to maximize display space. They can be attached together to display 6, 12 or 18 foil balloons as shown:

Examples of how the Show-N-Sell can be used to display multiple balloons

Additional balloons may be added to the top and/or bottom to complete the displays using HangTabs.

Show-N-Sell replacement tape package         Show-N-Sell replacement clip package

It truly is the perfect tool to SHOW and SELL foil balloons! See How To Assemble Show-N-Sell for step-by-step instructions.

Show-N-Sell (SNS)

Foil Balloon Display
3-Balloon SNS (as shown above left)
--- Item #94300
6-Balloon SNS (as shown above right)
--- Item #94600

SNS products come with a reusable pole and reusable clips. The clips are initially provided with two-sided tape pre-attached. A one-sided tape back support strip & two pieces of Tail Tape / Jiffy Tape strips are also provided for each balloon.

To reuse the clips, replace their adhesive with Show-N-Sell Replacement Tape, available separately.

Photo of a package of Show-N-Sell replacement tape.

Show-N-Sell Replacement Tape
--- Item #94000

(Allows replacement of 60 SNS foil balloons with 60 one-sided tape strips, 60 two-sided tape strips & 120 Tail Tape / Jiffy Tape strips).

Photo of a package of Show-N-Sell replacement clips.

Show-N-Sell Replacement Clips
--- Item #94399 (30 clips)

These support clips can be used to replace the original Show-N-Sell clips, or to add additional latex balloons to each layer of a display.