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MagPole, a telescoping extension pole by Clik-Clik


Item #18000
5' 8" (1.6 m) extending to 18' (5.5 m)

Our sturdy aluminum and fiberglass extension pole was designed specifically for the display industry. Unlike those created for painting or window washing, the versatile MagPole features 5 telescoping sections. The additional sections allow it to be both shorter (only 5' 8"), for eye-level loading and ease in transportation, and longer (a remarkable 18') to reach tall display ceilings with ease.

Each section quickly locks in place for added speed and security – no twisting required. The MagPole features a standard threaded top to support a MagMover.

Safety Warning:
Avoid power lines. Keep the MagPole a minimum of 10' (3 m) away from any electrical wiring.

The proper way to use the MagPole

For maximum safety and pole longevity, always extend and contract the MagPole vertically.

Click here to determine line length using your MagPole.